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Hello! I am a first grade teacher at Skillin Elementary School. For the past 20 years, I have been lucky enough to teach children from preschool through fourth grade. Sharing learning and growth in an engaging, fun way is an incredible way to spend my day! First grade is a magical time where children become amazing readers, writers, mathematicians, friends, great thinkers and so much more!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

December News

Hello everyone!

It was wonderful to connect with all of you during conference time.  It is always exciting to share about how children are growing and learning!  I was able to learn a lot about them from you too! Thank you for your time and support!

Last week we started learning about how holidays are celebrated throughout the world. We are focusing on Mexico, the Ukraine, China, India, Israel, African nations and a few others still to be determined.  We have already had many great discussions about how even though people may live in different types of houses and eat different types of food, there are similarities.  All people celebrate, have families, play, eat and more.  We are focusing on several learning targets through this unit:

  • I can understand that a map represents a place.
  • I can understand that people have different cultures.
  • I can understand the world is diverse and multicultural.
  • I can compare customs and beliefs from around the world to one another.

Additionally, we continue to work on our math and literacy targets.

  • I can use what we know to solve unknown words.
  • I can decode words with consonant blends (br, st, pl, etc) and consonant digraphs (sh, ch, th, wh)
  • I can understand the central message of a story.
  • I can use capitals and periods when writing a sentence.
  • I can understand the basic structure of a sentence.
  • I can understand addition as putting together and adding within 20. (We start subtraction this week!)
  • I can understand greater than, less than, or equal to for objects using terms and symbols.
On top of all that, the cold and snow have arrived! As a result, so have snow pants, mittens and boots, oh my!! PLEASE send your child prepared to be outside every day. There have been many cold hands and wet feet in the past week or so! Some people find it easier to keep a pair of snow pants at school. Students can also keep a pair of shoes at school to change into after arriving in their boots. One big request....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help your child learn how to tie shoes if they have not already! Snow gear with 18 kids is quite a process; having to tie several pairs of shoes takes up a lot of time!

Thank you again for sharing your children with me! I am so honored to be their teacher and a part of their lives.

Happy holidays to all of you! Enjoy this special time of the year!

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