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Hello! I am a first grade teacher at Skillin Elementary School. For the past 20 years, I have been lucky enough to teach children from preschool through fourth grade. Sharing learning and growth in an engaging, fun way is an incredible way to spend my day! First grade is a magical time where children become amazing readers, writers, mathematicians, friends, great thinkers and so much more!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

First Day Information

The first day of school is always a very exciting day for students, teachers and parents.  I am so happy to be a part of that!  It is also a time to get a lot of information! So, here it goes:
  • Daily Communication Folders – These folders will come home with your child every day.  Please help your child to establish the routine of emptying out his or her folder each night and sharing any papers with an adult at home.  Also, please send any notes for me or the office in this folder.  This is the best place to send notes regarding pick-up/dismissal because I cannot guarantee that I have a chance to check my email each day.  If you do not check your email please let me know so I can send home paper copies or class information.  
  • Red Totes – Each Wednesday, a red tote will come home with important school information.  Please send the emptied red tote home the following day so it can be refilled and returned to you the following week.
  • Student Work - Throughout the week, students place their daily work into their classroom bins.  Each Friday, or at least almost every Friday, we empty out our bins and bring our work home to share with our families.  
  • Snack – We will have snack each day around 10:00.  Please keep it to a drink and 1-2 simple, healthy items (ex. fruit, yogurt, crackers, cut up veggies, etc)  When children arrive each morning, I will ask them to put their snacks in our snack basket.  Please have your child’s snack separate from their lunch.  I have provided a snack bag, generously donated by Subway, for you to use.   
  • Volunteers – I am always thankful to have volunteers in the classroom.  I am still working out the details of our schedule and will let you know when it has been finalized!  We are usually ready to have volunteers come in at the beginning of October.  You will need to complete the volunteer training before you can come in to the classroom or chaperone any field trips.  There will be more information about that soon.
  • Forms – Included in the folder today are many forms for you to complete.  Please return them to me by the end of this week.

I am certain that there are other things I am forgetting but, this is a great place to start!   
Looking forward to a fantastic year in first grade with you and your kiddos!

Karen Robbie

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